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X - X-Aspirations  (CD - $28.00 - digipak)   more info
In late 1979, Ian Rilen, Steve Lucas and Steve Cafiero entered Sydney's Trafalgar Studios with producer Lobby Loyde to record some demos for a projected single...they emerged just five hours later with a completed album, the undisputed classic X-Aspirations. This reissue has been digitally remastered, comes in a 6 panel digipak with 24 page booklet of rare photos and liner notes. Plus 3 bonus tracks.
X - X-Spurts  (CD - $28.00 - digipak)   more info
This is a 10 track previously unreleased album from the original 4-piece line-up that was recorded on a four track tape recorder in someone's lounge room. "X was wild and unfettered and though this recording is surely low-fi by today's standards, it captures the reality of X as it was. To me they are priceless reminders of days long gone and a subculture that we will never know the likes of again." Steve Lucas - 2011.
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