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Radio Birdman - Radios Appear (Trafalgar Version) (Double CD - $22.00)
Radios Appear was Radio Birdman's first full length album. Recorded piecemeal over 1976 and early 1977 it was originally released on the Trafalgar label, created specifically to release the band's records.

This reissue contains the studio album (remastered from the original album masters) and a bonus disc containing the Burn My Eye EP and 8 studio outtakes mixed from original 2" masters. It is the same package as found in last year's Radio Birdman CD Box Set release.
Radio Birdman - Radios Appear (Sire Version) (Double CD - $22.00)
This version of Radios Appear was released after Sire Records signed the band. The original album was 'updated' for overseas release with new versions of some songs, the remixing of others and the addition of new songs.

This reissue contains the studio album (remastered from the original album masters) and a bonus disc containing 12 tracks of outtakes, demos and alternate arrangements mixed from original 2" masters. It is the same package as found in last year's Radio Birdman CD Box Set release.
Radio Birdman - Living Eyes (Double CD - $22.00)
Living Eyes was recorded at Rockfield Studios in Wales during a break in the band's 1978 tour of Britain and Europe. Relations between members were falling apart and Sire had dropped the band prior to the start of recording. Their breakup soon followed.

This reissue contains the original Rockfield studio album (remastered from the original album masters) and a bonus disc containing 20 tracks that include the Red Eye remixed 2005 release of Living Eyes, several Rockfield outtakes and three track off the 1989 12" EP More Fun! It is the same package as found in last year's Radio Birdman CD Box Set release.
Radio Birdman - Live at Paddington Town Hall '77 (Double CD - $22.00)
This 19 track release engenders a previously unreleased live concert recorded at Paddington Town Hall (Sydney Australia) in December 1977 onto 16 track tape just prior to the band's departure for the UK to promote the Sire release of their Radios Appear album. Mixed from master tapes that languished forgotten for decades, this is a totally wild and raw release that captures the band's true primal energy perhaps in a way that other recordings haven't.

The bonus DVD (all regions/PAL) contains 6 clips of variable qualtity. It is the same package as found in last year's Radio Birdman CD Box Set release.
The Volcanics - Transmission (CD - $22.00 / LP - $30.00)
The Volcanics formed in Perth's back blocks with a purpose of playing stripped down rock 'n' roll with no hype attached. Inspired by great local bands who came before them like The Victims and The Scientists as well as the classic rock sounds of The Stooges, MC5 and AC/DC, the band have concocted their own brand of white hot, fuel injected rock 'n' roll.
(autographed LP)
Hard-Ons - Too Far Gone (Double CD - $25.00)
The Hard-Ons' recorded output had always been wildly eclectic and adventurous. They go over the edge with Too Far Gone. Too far gone indeed. Essential and timeless listening for all fans of underground Australian music ... punk, pop, or otherwise.
(autographed copy)
The On and Ons - It's The On and Ons Calling (CD - $22.00)
Produced and engineered by legendary Australian guitarist Dennis Wilson of Khavas Jute fame, It's The On And Ons Calling consists of 11 songs that are pure rock/power pop in essence. Just what you might hope for; great tunes based on exceptional harmonies and classic instrumentation. Preview track on Soundcloud
Datura4 - Demon Blues (CD - $22.00)
Hailing from Fremantle in Western Australia Datura4 is the brainchild of legendary Australian Stems / DM3 frontman Dom Mariani and former You Am I guitarist Greg Hitchcock. In 2011 they joined forces combining a shared passion for full-tilt boogie, psychedelia and progressive blues.

A healthy nod to late 60's, early '70's Australian Psych/Blues/Boogie from the likes of Coloured Balls, The Aztecs and latter era Masters Apprentices.
(autographed copy)
Orange Humble Band - Depressing Beauty (CD - $25.00)
It's been a long wait but Darryl Mather has put it together again.

If Assorted Creams and Humblin' Across America were your kettle of fish you are going to love this. Featuring an all star cast of session players whose pedigree includes The Posies and Big Star this could well be the release of the year!

Ornate specialised packaging and individually numbered!
Peter Black - Clearly You Didn't Like The Show (CD - $20.00)
Forth solo album from the irrepressible Peter Black.

Clearly a backward step artistically is out of the question for Peter Black. Clearly, he has well and truly arrived as a composer and a solo performer.
(autographed copy)
Young Docteurs - Beginning at the End (CD - $22.00)
New release from the Canberra ex-pat punks who originally formed in 1978. That city's answer to British bands such as The Damned and Magazine, Young Docteurs are described as having an epic psychedelic element in songwriting and sound.

Nicely packaged in a cardboard gatefold wallet with a 12 page booklet of lyrics and pics.
The Stoneage Hearts - Hung Up (on you) (CD - $25.00)
You may remember The Stoneage Hearts from their 2002 debut album Turn On With fronted by Danny McDonald. Or perhaps you're more familiar with their 2004 release Guilty As Sin with Perth legend Dom Mariani on guitar/vocals. Well here's their latest!

Hung Up (on you) contains elements of The Las, Smithereens, Plimsouls played in classic Australian guitar pop style.
The Cosmic Psychos - Cum The Raw Prawn (CD - $22.00 / LP - $30.00)
Brand new studio album for 2015 from this legendary crew of punk-rock yobbos. Ross, Macka and Dean deliver an A-grade selection of foul-mouthed pub-rock slobber with Cum The Raw Prawn.

The first half dozen LPs we get will be on 'beer' coloured vinyl. Be quick! The CDs come with a bonus beer coaster...
Radio Birdman - Live At Paddington Town Hall (Double LP - $42.00)
This previously unreleased double live LP was mixed from original 2" master tapes and cut onto lacquer.

Packaged in a gatefold jacket featuring concert images, this is a 140g audiophile quality black vinyl pressing and comes with a download coupon.
Hard-Ons - Peel Me Like A Egg (CD - $20.00)
A staggering 30 years after their inaugural live concert at the Vulcan Hotel in Ultimo, Sydney, the Hard-Ons have delivered to the world a mesmerising document of their current incarnation. Witness: Peel Me Like A Egg.
(autographed copy)
(Vinyl LP)
Peter Black - The Paintings On The Wall Say Gambler! Gambler!
(CD - $18.00)
Beautiful, haunting and often surreal, The Paintings has all these qualities and the utterly unique ability to combine the complex and simple within the same melody, the ability to mix lush with the sparse. Peter Black - a one-in-a-million performer and songwriter with his three-in-a-million album.
(autographed CD)
Hits - Hikikomori (CD - $22.00 / LP - $32.00)
Here it is, one of the best and most highly praised Australian independent rock & roll albums of 2014.

From Brisbane's HITS with their sophomore album - out now on LP and CD.


Hard-Ons - Smell My Finger (Double CD - $25.00)
Smell My Finger
Hard-Ons - Dickcheese (Double CD - $25.00)
Hard-Ons - Love Is A Battlefield Of Wounded Hearts  (Double CD - $25.00)
Love Is A Battlefield
Hard-Ons - Yummy  (Double CD - $25.00)
Hard-Ons - Smell My Finger (Double CD - $25.00)     more information
Spanning the years 1984 - 1987, this double CD set contains all of the band's early 7 inch releases and the two 12 inch album releases Smell My Finger and Hot For Your Love, Baby. Every officially released Hard-Ons' tune from the period, down to the most obscure compilation track, has been included plus some live tracks from salvaged party tapes and desk recordings.

Hard-Ons - Dickcheese (Double CD - $25.00)     more information
Finally, Dickcheese is available again. This masterpiece has been remastered and expanded lovingly by the band members, into a 2CD deluxe tour-de-force. Included are the extensive liner-notes, restored original art and previously unpublished photographs from personal archives.

Hard-Ons - Love Is A Battlefield Of Wounded Hearts (Double CD - $25.00)   more information
The third release in the Decade of Rock series, Love Is A Battlefield Of Wounded Hearts is a sublime power-pop and punk masterpiece of an album. Clocking in at just around half-an-hour, the original LP was a concise exercise in explosive rock 'n' roll...

Hard-Ons - Yummy (Double CD - $25.00)   more information
Yummy is a fascinating and exhaustive look at the greatest underground Australian punk band of the 80's entering the 90's fighting their way out of the burden of expectation, with renewed sophistication. Number four in a series of five early years compiles.
Cosmic Psychos
Cosmic Psychos - Down On The Farm  (12
Down On The Farm (LP)
Cosmic Psychos
Cosmic Psychos - Self Titled  (CD - $22.00 / LP $25.00)
Cosmic Psychos (CD/LP)
Cosmic Psychos
Cosmic Psychos - Go The Hack  (CD - $22.00 / LP $25.00)
Go The Hack (CD/LP)
New Christs
New Christs - Incantations (CD - $22.00 / LP - $28.00)
Incantations (CD/LP)
Cosmic Psychos - Down On The Farm (12" Vinyl EP - $25.00)     more information
Legendary Aussie punk/psych debut EP from 1985. Remastered and includes a download card.

Cosmic Psychos - Self Titled (CD - $22.00 / LP $25.00)     CD informationLP information
Legendary Aussie punk/psych debut album from 1987 remastered and reissued. The LP version includes a download card with two extra songs while the CD has these tracks as well plus the Down On The Farm EP.

Cosmic Psychos - Go The Hack (CD - $22.00 / LP $25.00)     CD informationLP information
Legendary Aussie punk/psych 1989 second full length album remastered and reissued. The LP version includes a download card.

New Christs - Incantations (CD - $22.00 / LP - $28.00)   CD information LP information
Recorded by Jim Moginie (Midnight Oil) in his Sydney studio and mixed at the famed Alberts Studios by award winning engineer Wayne Connolly, Incantations highlights the band's diverse song-writing talents while maintaining the high-energy performance they have become known for across their three-decade long history. The LP version comes with a free download coupon.
Mick Medew
Mick Medew - The Mesmerisers  (CD - $22.00)
The Mesmerisers
The End
The End - Was The Beginning  (Double CD - $22.00)
Was The Beginning
DM3 - The Best Of (LP - $25.00)
The Best Of (LP)
DM3 - Live (CD - $12.00)
Mick Medew - The Mesmerisers (CD - $22.00)     more information
The latest album from the ex Screaming Tribemen frontman is a bit of a step away from the expected but it still bears all the distinctive Medew hallmarks. The thick and layered production from band member Brian Mann really make this a special release for Medew.

The End - Was The Beginning (Double CD - $22.00)     more information
Guitarist Brett Myer's pre Died Pretty group only released one single. Now thirty years later we have a compilation of live recordings, demos and rehearsals that among other things sheds great insight into the musical genesis of Died Pretty. Recommended for Died Pretty trainspotters and anyone with a passing interest in Brisbane's and indeed Australia's rich indie musical heritage.

DM3 - The Best Of (LP - $25.00)     more information
This was specifically manufactured for sales during the band's 2013 European dates but of course fills a wider function. This is a wonderful album and jammed packed with the band's best know and most loved tracks. Vinyl only - no CD version currently available.

DM3 - Live (CD - $12.00)   more information
Limited edition release of the band playing their set at the Roskilde Festival Denmark in 1994. Only available here or at DM3 shows
Deniz Tek
Deniz Tek - Detroit (CD - $22.00)
Psychotic Turnbuckles
Psychotic Turnbuckles - Destroy Dull City (2 x CD - $25.00)
Destroy Dull City
The Volcanics
The Volcanics - Get A Move On  (CD - $22.00)
Get A Move On
Nunchukka Superfly
Nunchukka Superfly - Open Your Eyes To Smoke  (CD - $20.00 / LP - $25.00)
Open Your Eyes To Smoke (CD/LP)
Deniz Tek - Detroit (CD - $22.00)     more information
The long awaited release of Detroit, Deniz Tek's first solo album in more than 10 years. Apart from luminous flashes of keyboards and harmonica, Detroit is at its heart, a guitar album, with Tek's vocals and signature guitar playing set against a rock solid rhythm section of veteran musicians.

Psychotic Turnbuckles - Destroy Dull City (2 x CD - $25.00)     more information
The package contains the Destroy Dull City EP, the Beyond The Flipout LP, out-takes, rarities, A and B sides from every single released plus two exclusive live tracks from the band's triumphant return to Sydney in December 2012. Generously illustrated liner notes from a host of luminaries including original manager Mark Fraser and noted underground journalist Steve Danno round off a deluxe release.

The Volcanics - Get A Move On (CD - $22.00)     more information
One of Perth undiscovered wonders, The Volcanics have been producing their own brand of high quality dirty rock'n'roll for years. Produced by Australian rock icon Rob Younger (Radio Birdman / New Christs) and mixed by legendary producer Wayne Connolly, Get A Move On is big, brassy and bold...

Nunchukka Superfly - Open Your Eyes To Smoke (CD - $20.00 / LP - $25.00)   CD information LP information
To say that the Hard-Ons are an Australian underground rock institution would be an understatement. But did you know that Ray and Blackie, the two mainstays of that said band, have an equally compelling musical troupe in their repertoire? We will supply a free digital download with the LP.
The Singles
The Singles - Use It For Yourself (Double CD - $28.00)
Use It For Yourself
Loose Pills
Loose Pills - RX (CD - $25.00)
Reprobettes - Self Titled (CD - $25.00)
Self Titled
Johnny Casino
Johnny Casino - Live At The Hanging Tree  (CD - $25.00 / LP - $25.00
Live At The Hanging Tree (CD/LP)
The Singles - Use It For Yourself (Double CD - $28.00)     more information
The Singles started playing the Sydney inner city scene in the early 1980s in venues such as the Civic, Rock Garden, Chequers, Frenchs, the Paddington Green and the Heritage Hotel. Their sound was post punk art pop reminiscent of the Buzzcocks. The songs are simple, melodic, catchy and straight to the point pop.

Loose Pills - RX (CD - $25.00)     more information
A veritable supergroup of Aussie powerpop/rock (we're coining the term "heavy pop"), with members having done time in the Scruffs (a.k.a. the Wake-Ups, not the Memphis variety), Orange Humble Band, Pyramidiacs, Lemonheads, New Christs, Lime Spiders, The Eastern Dark, Barbarellas and countless more.

Reprobettes - Self Titled (CD - $25.00)     more information
"The Reprobettes knocked my socks off because they have such a unified aesthetic, a bit of surf, a bit of country, a bit of garage, they reminded me of the B52's wrapped up in Wanda Jacksons teenage delinquent attitude" Dave Whip - Tonedeaf

Johnny Casino - Live At The Hanging Tree (CD - $25.00 / LP - $25.00)   CD information LP information
Johnny leads a band with 2 rehearsals and a hand full of shows under their belt through a cracking set of his songs and in just 4 hours recorded live thru old 50's and 60's valve recording equipment to a 2" tape machine we have Johnny Casino Live At The Hanging Tree, the way we reckon its meant to be!
Coloured Balls
Coloured Balls - Ball Power (CD - $25.00 / LP - $36.00)
Ball Power (CD/LP)
Coloured Balls
Coloured Balls - Heavy Metal Kid (CD - $25.00 / LP - $36.00)
Heavy Metal Kid (CD/LP)

X - X-Aspirations (CD - $25.00 / $32.00)
X-Aspirations (CD/LP)
X X-Spurts (CD - $25.00 / $32.00)
X-Spurts (CD/LP)
Coloured Balls - Ball Power (LP - $36.00)     CD informationLP information
Featuring guitar god Lobby Loyde at the helm, it remains one of the most revered Australian albums of all time, one with a massive cult following both here and overseas. It comes housed in a gatefold tip-on sleeve on 180-gm vinyl with a decorative obi strip.

Coloured Balls - Heavy Metal Kid (LP - $36.00)     CD information LP information
For all lovers of classic Australian rock & roll, a deluxe vinyl reissue of the Coloured Balls' awesome 1974 LP Heavy Metal Kid. Released hot on the heels of 1973's Ball Power, Heavy Metal Kid is one of Coloured Balls' Lobby Loyde's finest recordings. It's been out of print in this format since its release 40 years ago.

X - X-Aspirations (CD - $25.00 / $32.00)      CD information LP information
In late 1979, Ian Rilen, Steve Lucas and Steve Cafiero entered Sydney's Sire Studios with producer Lobby Loyde to record some demos for a projected single ... they emerged just five hours later with a completed album, the undisputed classic X-Aspirations.

X - X-Spurts (CD - $25.00 / $32.00)      CD information LP information
This is a 10 track previously unreleased album from the original 4-piece line-up that was recorded on a four track tape recorder in someone's lounge room. "X was wild and unfettered and though this recording is surely low-fi by today's standards, it captures the reality of X as it was. To me they are priceless reminders of days long gone and a subculture that we will never know the likes of again." Steve Lucas - 2011.
The Ape
The Ape - Self Titled  (CD - $28.00)
The Ape
Powder Monkeys
Powder Monkeys - Smashed on a Knee (CD - $22.00 / LP - $24.00)
Smashed on a Knee (CD/LP)
Darling Downs
Darling Downs - In The Days When The World Was Wide  (CD - $22.00)
In The Days When The World...
Kim and Leanne
Kim and Leanne - True West (CD - $22.00)
True West
The Ape - Self Titled (CD - $28.00)     more information
Not one to rest on his laurels, the ever-prolific Tex Perkins is making noise again with his new supergroup The Ape. An Aussie rock icon and frontman for some of Australia's most popular bands, Tex is back with something special.

Powder Monkeys - Smashed on a Knee (CD - $22.00 / LP - $24.00)    CD information LP information
A long-overdue reissue of one of the finest Australian rock & roll debuts of the 1990s. The Powder Monkeys were one of the shining lights of Australian rock and were tipped for big things when they signed to Rick Rubin's Onion label, but unfortunately nothing concrete came of that deal. Isn't that the history of R&R.

Darling Downs - In The Days When The World Was Wide (CD - $22.00)     more information
The Darling Downs - two men, one mission. Kim Salmon (Scientists, Beasts of Bourbon) and Ron S. Peno (Died Pretty) form a duo with the power of a band, with Ron's majestic vocal beautifully complemented by Kim's expressive guitar and banjo. Two artists who refuse to rest on past glories, continuing to plough the fields, creating new material.

Kim and Leanne - True West (CD - $22.00)   more information
Kim Salmon really requires no introduction, so we'll skip to the details... after getting the Scientists back together at the New York All Tomorrows Parties festival, where they were invited to perform alongside the reformed Iggy &The Stooges, Kim Salmon and Leanne Cowie decided to re-enter the studio to record a new album of primitive garage rock & roll entitled as a two-piece project under the classically simple moniker of Kim & Leanne.
Screaming Tribesmen
Screaming Tribesmen - Date With A Vampyre/Top Of The Town (CD - $20.00)
Date With A Vampyre
Screaming Tribesmen
Screaming Tribesmen - Bones & Flowers (CD - $20.00)
Bones & Flowers
Even - First XV111 (DOUBLE CD - $30.00)
First XV111
Died Pretty
Died Pretty - Lost (CD - $25.00)
Screaming Tribesmen - Date With A Vampyre/Top Of The Town (CD - $20.00)     more information
The Tribesmen came out of Brisbane in the early '80s recording two classic singles for Citadel. This release picks up the story where former Radio Birdman/Hitmen guitarist Chris Masuak joined the group and compiles the two defining 12" releases Date With A Vampyre EP from 1985 and its follow up, Top of The Town from 1986. Both of these releases are in their entirety for the first time ever on CD, together with nearly an album's worth of bonus tracks!

Screaming Tribesmen - Bones & Flowers (CD - $20.00)     more information
This was the only album released by the Screaming Tribesmen line-up featuring former Radio Birdman/Hitmen guitarist Chris Masuak. Recorded at the peak of their powers and popularity in 1987, Bones & Flowers took the band to the States where they came close to a hit single with I Got A Feeling. This CD features the album's original 10 tracks, several B-sides, 3 previously unreleased 1986 demos and a previously unreleased live track from 1988. 16 tracks in all.

Even - First XV111 (Double CD - $30.00)     more information
One of Australia's most-loved and critically acclaimed rock acts, EVEN, asked its fans to choose their First XVIII from the band's catalogue of six albums, three EPs and a slew of b-sides - a repertoire of over 100 recorded songs. This is a limited edition bonus disc version.

Died Pretty - Lost (CD - $25.00)     more information
The follow-up to the acclaimed debut Free Dirt, this reissue features the singles Out Of My Hands, Winterland and Towers Of Strength. It has been augmented with 8 bonus tracks including the single Everybody Moves, single B-sides and rare demos. Comes with an extensive booklet containing many previously unseen photos and new interviews.